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RHP Output Shaft Bearing TR4Airs - 6, T2000/2.5

RHP Output Shaft Bearing TR4Airs - 6, T2000/2.5 Click to enlarge
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Genuine RHP manufactured bearing for TR4Airs - 6, T2000, T2500, Stag and TVR models fitted with the TR6 differential.

We perhaps seem a little obsessed with supplying genuine bearings when cheaper alternatives are available. However, we build lots of gearboxes, hubs and diffs and appreciate the subtler benefits. Tolerances are just that little bit more accurate and gears mesh that little bit better. Generally, if you replace a worn OE bearing with a new OE bearing, little or no re-shimming is required. This can save you time and money over cheaper, reproduction items. The genuine article lasts much longer too, saving more money in the longer term