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Hub Refurbishment Kit - TR4A - 6, T2000/2.5, Stag TIMKEN

Hub Refurbishment Kit - TR4A - 6, T2000/2.5, Stag TIMKEN Click to enlarge
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A complete kit of parts to re-furbish the IRS rear hub as fitted to TR4A IRS, TR5, TR250, TR6, T2000/2.5 and Stag.

Most of the commercially available kits don't contain ALL of the wearing parts that need to be replaced and very few insist on TIMKEN bearings. At TR Enterprises, we believe in using the best quality parts possible.

Cheaper, reproduction parts are short term "solutions" which invariably lead to long term problems..!!! 

This kit, assembled exclusivly by TR Enterprises comprises of:-

1 x TIMKEN inner bearing

1 x TIMKEN outer bearing

1 x outer seal

1 x inner seal

1 x collapsable spacer

1 x adjuster spacer

1 x stoneguard

1 x adjusting nut lock tab

1 x drive flange key

1 x outer nyloc nut

1 x washer for outer nut

Please contact TR Enterprises if you would like us to re-furbish your hub for you.