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Cast Alloy Competition Engine Sump TR2 - 4A, Morgan + 4

Cast Alloy Competition Engine Sump TR2 - 4A, Morgan + 4 Click to enlarge
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One of our most popular items is this precision cast alloy deep sump for the Triumph 4 cylinder wet liner engine. This is a direct bolt on replacement for the standard pressed steel item, which is vulnerable to damage from stones after years of use and also does not offer much in the way of stiffness to the base of the engine block, and therefore importantly the area below the rear engine oil seal assembly which tends to be the main point of oil leakage on the engine.

This item is an improved replica of the original special tuning part offered by Standard Triumph and is precision die cast, rather than sand cast as the original items were. This means that the general appearance is better (although the cast finish is preserved) and the fit is also significantly better and tighter. The sump kit comes as you see it witha horizontal windage tray which is a press fit (although it can be bolted into place if necessary), two steel bungs pls washers for oil draining (front) and an oil temperature gauge (side).

We can also supply a bolt kit and sump gasket if necessary as additional items at extra cost. The engine securing bolts are slightly longer owing to the depth of the lip of the sump  (about 7mm more than the standard steel item) - part number 301318FK. A standard sump gasket can be used and our experience is that this is adequate - part number 211123.

The original parts catalogue number for this item (Aluminium Oil Sump Kit) is 502126 and laterly 301318. 

This is an FIA legal homologated part, originally offered as a publicly available competition accessory to special order by Triumph.