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3.9:1 Crown Wheel and Pinion Set

3.9:1 Crown Wheel and Pinion Set Click to enlarge
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We offer a full range of the homologated crown wheel and pinion sets for the Triumph TR range, from 3.45:1 used on the later IRS cars for road use through to the high gear 4.55:1 which was used on the Works rally cars and on the shorter racing circuits. They fit TR2 - 6 (Lockheed axles require the later carrier 302155), T2000, T2500, Dolomite Sprint and TVR's fitted with the TR diff assembly.

As with all of our driveline parts, these CWP's have been extensively tested and proven in competition.

Careful selection of CWP ratio in conjuction with gear ratios can bring a significant improvement in performance - please contact us for advice if required.

We also carry a full range of associated driveline parts and can provide a rebuilding service for all axles at TR Enterprises.