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Engine Oil Pressure Light Switch and Adaptor

Engine Oil Pressure Light Switch and Adaptor Click to enlarge
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Oil is the heart of the TR engine and many say that as long as there is oil in one, it will never fail. This is not quite true but early warning of a drop in oil pressure will save an engine from significant damage. For this reason we fit oil pressure switches to all of our engines with 'BOOM' lights somewhere on the dashboard and recommend wholeheartedly that our customers do the same.

The location of an oil pressure switch on a TR engine is not an easy thing, but we have developed a simple adaptor which is a replacement for one of the three oil gallery bolts on the left side of the engine, onto which a commonly available pressure switch can be screwed. Our kit includes the adaptor plus a 25psi switch, which means that when attached to a simple lamp the bulb will light when the oil pressure drops to 25psi or below. A small price to payfor saving your engine from terminal damage.